Gourmet pizza

Gourmet pizza

Gourmet pizza

Our menu has an abundant selection of pizzas, traditional or stuffed with characteristic ingredients, prepared with Petra 2 and Petra 3, two types of natural flour, made with corn-starch and rice flour. Petra is also rich in fibres, proteins and vitamins, and it has high antioxidant properties and a capacity to absorb liquids.

All our pizzas are cooked with a wood oven.

You can try our pizzas in "small" format, accompanied by a delicious cocktail; if you are a beer lover, we recommend our handcrafted products.

Petra features

It comes from a combination of 100% soft wheat from climate selection, ground with the innovative augmented stone milling process after the scrupulous optical selection of the best beans and consequent industrial calibration of the technological profile, in order to obtain a tasty and nutritious flour like those of years ago.

The wheat is sieved by a latest-generation optical grader and ground with a very hard stone that doesn’t leave residue in grinding. The noble cruscal parts and the wheat germ are also preserved in the product.

Petra has an excellent yield, as the mixture stabilizes both during processing and during cooking, has a long life and it’s flexible in use.


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