About us

About us

About us

The restaurant Lago Food & CO was born from the desire of a firm rooted in the city of Como, in the branch of catering with four restaurants in the heart of the city, always looking for novelty and quality of gastronomic products.

Our restaurant, located in the city centre on the lakeside, is made up of a large dining room, a bar area where you can spend time to enjoy our aperitifs, a reserved room, bookable on request, which offers the opportunity to organize events and private parties, and an outdoor area that allows our guests to have lunch and dinner contemplating the wonderful scenery that Lake Como offers.

Lago is not the usual grill, it is not the usual pizza. You will live at Lago a 360 ° culinary experience that combines the research of the best raw materials and the highest care in preparation, in a welcoming but informal environment.


Lungo Lario Trieste 30
22100 Como

Opening time

Mon - Sun | 10:00/15:00 18:00/00:00


Tel: +39 031300393
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